I am an expert in SEO, PPC, marketing, link building and analytics

Lee Stovin heads up the search marketing part of Stovin Advertising. With over 10 years experience in both SEO and PPC he is able to deliver search marketing campaigns that deliver results. Based in Doncaster we provide our services to neighbouring cities of Leeds and Sheffield but we are also able to offer our services to clients worldwide.

Bringing the Cutting Edge of the Digital Revolution to Leeds, Sheffield and Doncaster

Not too long ago the digital presence of a business was seen as being a minor addition to its ‘real world’ presence, with a nuts and bolts website acting as little more than an online advertisement and brochure. The pace of the digital revolution has been such, however, that a strong, cohesive and flexible digital strategy is now utterly vital to business success, and Stovin is the digital agency to deliver that strategy.

If you want to connect with customers, build your brand, market your goods and services and drive the kind of results that impact positively on your bottom line, then you’re going to have to create an online presence that reaches out across every channel, device and format, and that does so whilst telling a consistent story and using a single tone of voice.

Stovin is an agency based in Doncaster which has a team of experts capable of delivering just such an online presence. We work by getting to know exactly who you are, what your business does and how you differ from the competition, and then using that knowledge and the latest in digital technology to create an online presence that achieves three crucial aims:

  • It attracts attention

  • It retains interest

  • It generates custom

This last, of course, is the most vital point of all. Whether you want to speak to a consultant with a view to tweaking and updating your online strategy, or wish to engage the wider Stovin team in the creation of an online presence from scratch, the advice and the work you access will be focussed upon delivering the very best return on investment. We don’t see the digital realm as being an end in itself, or an excuse to play with the latest and most exciting technology purely for its own sake, we see it as being just another part of your business, albeit one which will maximise the effectiveness of every other part.

The solutions we provide are tailored, effective and affordable. We don’t have an expensive head office to pay for, opting for a corporate model which shares the work out amongst individual practitioners who are all experts in their fields. Whether that means handling your SEO requirements, developing a PPC strategy or creating the kind of content that gets your business noted, we deliver the best results whilst avoiding the kind of overheads that other agencies pass on to the end user. It also means that we’re flexible and can offer advice in Leeds, Sheffield, Doncaster and beyond both 7 days a week and round the clock, whilst avoiding the kind of high-end fees this type of premium service generally demands.


Our experts in Search Engine Optimisation will make sure that the website we create for you gets noticed by search engines and by the people using them. We’ll lift you near to the top of the pile and keep you there, thanks to a grasp of how the dynamics of SEO are constantly changing and shifting.


Pay Per Click advertising drives traffic to our clients website via the careful and focused targeting of the PPC campaign which we produce for them. We combine our experience in the field with a comprehensive gathering of data and a careful analysis of that data in order to devise PPC strategies that work.


We specialise in creating content. The content we create is crafted to draw in the audience you wish to reach and provide a point of focus and recognition. By providing content which is useful, interesting and relevant, we’ll make your website a place to which visitors return to for advice, information and, ultimately, commercial activity.