How to make £100k a year just from your mobile phone


I am mainly an SEO consultant and I spend the majority of my time working on a few domains to build up their domain authority and readership.

I build up these websites so they become valuable properties where they earn me money from affiliates and from Google Adsense. They also help promote my SEO part of my business where I get paid £350 a day for my work.

I can do the majority of my SEO work from my mobile phone; writing blog posts and doing outreach.

I have just bought a solar charger for my phone so I can do SEO on the move .

I would love to go travelling with a business development manager who can sell my SEO services as we go traveling around the world. But before I do that I need to get the DA a lot higher on my websites.

So when I reference any of my clients with a link it is valuable to them.

So when I say you can earn £100k a day just from your phone. Have a few good blogs, offer SEO services and the worlds your oyster.


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