Local SEO results within 6 months

I can get most websites ranking on the first page of Google for local search results within 6 months. You might think local results are easy but they are not for some industries they are still hard. Take web design for instance, getting my website stovin.co.ukĀ ranking on the first page for the term “Web Design Doncaster” took some time and effort. But I achieved it. So what methods do I use to rank websites on the first page.

  • I use exact match domain names with the city or own in.
  • I include links from my websites to your websites as part of my portfolio and case studies from stovin.co.uk, stovinsearch.co.uk and www.stovin-web-design-sheffield.co.uk
  • I create landing pages
  • I do onsite SEO – sometimes having to resign the website from start
  • I do ongoing blogs

If I don’t manage to achieve first page in 6 months it usually will happen within 12 months.



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