Make money through blogging


Blogging is a fantastic way to make both an active and passive income.

You can make an active income by writing sponsored blog posts. These are usually to promote a brand, product or service and are paid for by the sponsor. It is usually costomary to include a link to their website to better help the reader find more information on the brand or product it also aids in their SEO efforts.

There are also passive income sources such as Google Adsense or affiliate marketing.

This blog is supported with Google Adsense and I sell books through Amazon’s affiliate marketing program.

You need to have a really popular blog to pay for the cost of a domain name and hosting. But a lot of people find blogging an enjoyable hobby.

You can better improve your success by sharing your blog across social media channels.

If you would like to get into blogging, maybe you fancy life as a travel blogger get in touch. I can set you up your own website with blog for just £350.

Then you can start earning money straight away.



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