SEO questions from Prince Namde

Q1: If i am moving to HTTP to HTTPS then is it necessary to change all internal links from  http to https (For not increasing server response time from redirection)? I am redirecting all links from http to https.

You do need to change all internal links find and replace function may be one quick way of achieving this.

When you switch from http to https there is a fall in rankings for a while and the difference isn’t that much over http. Plus there is the added expense of an SSL certificate so make sure the change to https is justified. Small sites can get away with being http just fine.

Q2: Suppose I have 2 websites. 1 in German and other in English. Is it ok  to add simple href lang. tag(with both country) and canonical tag on both website  on every URL to avoid content duplicity?

I would recommend putting each language on a subdomin such as or if you want to keep down domain costs. Or buy domains for each countries. This makes it easier to sell off parts of the business. Reduces risk and reduces server load on busy sites. If one countries website goes down or is hacked the other countries websites are still running reducing risk and downtime to your business.

Q3: What will happen if i used multiple GA code on same page?

There may be chance of duplicacy of page views or anything else(session, unique views or bounce rate)?

It slows down the website and puts extra workload on the server which is not good for SEO.

Q4: Google analytics displays real time data, but 0 for Audience, Acquisition and Conversion on today’s date?

It will reflect after sometimes or is there any issue?

Make sure the tracking script is installed correctly if you are on the website the audience should be at least one.


Q5: Where to link now a days for website performance?  Trends of BL.

Make links on your website as useful as possible for the website user. Links in the header part of your web page is better than the footer.

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