Whether you opt to attract customers and potential customers via organic searches, operate a PPC policy or, as is more likely to be the case, combine the two methods together, Stovin will be able to provide the expertise necessary. Thanks to the multi-disciplinary nature of our team, and the fact that we work on every aspect of your digital presence, we’ll be able to develop a PPC strategy which dovetails perfectly with every other aspect of your business.

Paid Search

One of the advantages of paid search via PPC is that it can be utilised in a tightly focused and highly targeted manner. We understand that the basis of this approach is the creation of a firm foundation of information. We track the numbers that count, from the number of contacts to the exact point of that contact and the stats pertaining to competitors. We not only utilise this information to inform the decisions we make, but we ensure that it is freely available to our clients, creating a transparent process which ensures that everyone involved is pulling strongly in the same direction. It can be easy to be blinded by a blizzard of statistics but we never lose sight of the numbers which truly matter; the Return on Investment our clients are enjoying and the number of customers they are attracting.


We pride ourselves on remaining ahead of the curve when it comes to identifying platforms through which PPC can have a positive effect upon the fortunes of our clients. That means that we’re aware of the reach and impact of giants such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, as well as the focus that a careful use of social media platforms can bring. At every stage, our emphasis centres upon using PPC to cut through the noise of the digital world and allow our clients voices to be heard by the people who really matter – customers.


The fact that Stovin offers a team able to cover every aspect of digital engagement means that our PPC strategy is only ever one small but vital part of an overall larger strategy. Rather than farming the different aspects of their online presence out to different specialists, our clients can relax in the knowledge that every individual part of their strategy is being handled by an expert in the field, and that their overall digital message is being coordinated through a single, coherent vision. Teamwork by individuals is the Stovin way.

Future Proofed

All of the work which we do for our clients, including our PPC strategy, is prefaced on a simple truth; what works today probably won’t work tomorrow. The digital world is shifting at a rapidly accelerating pace, with the switch over to mobile interaction being the most obvious of many ongoing changes. The ever shifting digital landscape offers challenges and opportunities. We’re more than ready for the former and keen to embrace the latter, utilising PPC and other search technologies to ensure that the message we deliver for our clients is increasingly user-targeted. The work we do will be as effective tomorrow as it is today.